Guided tours - The Colosseum
The Big Squares of Rome
Every Friday and Saturday from the Spanish Steps

beautiful hike in the historic center of Rome accompanied by a local guide to discover the most important sites of Baroque Rome:
Piazza Navona
Spanish Steps
and the Trevi Fountain
The tour will last approximately 2 hours and includes a visit to the church of St. Louis of Francesci, which is between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona

Orari: 8:30
Biglietti: 26 €
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The Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Gardens
Every day except Sundays and holidays - St. Peter's Square

Wonderful excursion, to visit the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums, adds a visit to the Vatican Gardens which now can be visited after they have been closed for centuries.
The tour is carried out in the gardens of Open mini bus with audio guide in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Russian.

Orari: At 10:15
Biglietti: 47,00 €
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Villa adriana and Villa d'Este
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Wonderful guided tour of 5 hours to discover Tivoli, the beautiful small town near Rome, and its famous villas, which are UNESCO World Heritage Site: the imperial villa of Hadrian, and the Renaissance Villa d'Este
The price includes the entrance fees to two villas, the local guide and headphones to hear better.
Available languages are: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese
The place to start is directly the hotel where you stay, you will have to communicate during the booking process.

Orari: 7:45
Biglietti: 63 €
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Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine
Saturdays and Sundays, via di San Gregorio

The guided tour with no queue at the Colosseum entrance, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, where a local guide will take you for about 3 hours to discover the most important places in the history of Rome.
Will also be available headphones to better hear the guidance that they can in Italian, English, Spanish or German

Orari: 9:30
Biglietti: 40 €
More info and Booking

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