Colosseum, accepted the appeal of the Municipality of Rome about the Archaeological Park

Lazio welcomed the Campidoglio’s appeal against the Mibact Decree, which provided for the establishment of the Colosseum Archaeological Park.

Escape the mayor of Rome, Virginia Rages: “They have won the citizens”
“The government’s attempt to manage the cultural heritage of our administration in total autonomy and without concertation has been defeated, and Rome remains all.” While Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini announces on Twitter that he will sue the ruling.

The judges of Via Flaminia agree with the Capitol that the new configuration “would have led to the loss of the city of Rome (and in particular for all the archaeological areas excluded from the Park and remained the responsibility of the Special Superintendence) of much of the proceeds Of the Colosseum, and would have sanctioned the elimination of the unitary significance of the area within the Auronian walls, which is the subject of UNESCO protection. The College reads that the allegations are grounded.

According to the presidency of Codacons, Carlo Rienzi, “The creation of a Archaeological Park at the Colosseo took over functions, expertise and revenues from the Special Superintendence, subsidized by the resources deriving from the tickets for the monument, thus creating a damage first of all to an existing office And perfectly functioning, and secondly to the whole city. ”

Source: Il Fatto Quotidiano

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