From April 21st , day of the #NataleDiRoma, SUPER arrives (Seven Unique Places to Experiences), the new integrated ticket that will enrich the visit of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, with seven new unique places: the Neronian Cryptoporticus, the Palatine Museum, the House of Augustus, the House of Livia, the Isiaca Hall with the Loggia Mattei, the Temple of Romulus, Santa Maria Antiqua with the oratory of the Forty Martyrs and the Ramp of Domitian.

An itinerary that crosses the Forum and the Palatine, involving the public also thanks to video projections, lightmapping, narrative voices and new popular media.
You will have the opportunity to go back in time and see the environments for what they were: not only the architectural structures, but also their precious “skin”, made of paintings, statues, floors, decorated ceilings.

In the various places the guided tours are in time: from 12 minutes for the Cryptoporticus to 30 minutes for the Casa di Livia and 40 minutes for that of Augustus (both for groups of up to 23 people), up to the Isiaca the Loggia Mattei, open to the public after decades, can be visited in 15 minutes (maximum 15 people). With this experimentation, the organization inside the Park has also changed, and for the occasion 27 young people have been hired, all of whom are welcome reception and supervisory services.

The ticket S.U.P.E.R of 18 € is valid for 2 days and is added to the ordinary ticket for 12 €.

For information contact +39.06.39967700

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