Next Sunday, February 4, 2024, the appointment with #domenicalmuseo returns, the initiative that allows free entry to all state museums in Italy every first Sunday of the month.

These are the museums and state archaeological parks that will be free to enter in and near Rome:

  • Colosseum, Roman Forum – Palatine
  • Pantheon
  • Castel Sant’Angelo
  • Borghese Gallery
  • Appia Antica Park: Cecilia Metella Mausoleum, Villa dei Quintili, Capo di Bove, Tombs of Via Latina and Basilica of S. Stefano
  • Ostia Antica Park: Archaeological area, Ship Museum, Imperial Ports of Claudius and Trajan
  • Caracalla’s thermal baths
  • National Roman Museum: Baths of Diocletian, Palazzo Massimo and Palazzo Altemps
  • National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Spada Gallery
  • Barberini Palace
  • Corsini Gallery
  • Venezia Palace : Vittoriano and Museum of the Risorgimento
  • National Museum of Villa Giulia
  • Museum of Civilizations
  • Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum for Decorative Arts
  • Livia’s Villa
  • Portuense Necropolis Circuit
  • Arch of Malborghetto
  • National Instrument Museum. musical
  • Hendrik Christian Andersen Museum
  • Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana (Tivoli)
  • Monastery of San Benedetto and Monastery of Santa Scolastica (Subiaco)

For the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine it is necessary to collect tickets, in order of arrival, at the ticket office in front of the Colosseum while for Galleria Borghese, Palazzo Barberini and Galleria Corsini reservations are necessary.

In Rome, all municipal museums will also be free to enter:

  • Capitoline Museums
  • Trajan’s Markets – Imperial Forum Museum
  • Ara Pacis Museum
  • Museum of Rome
  • Museo di Roma in Trastevere
  • Centrale Montemartini
  • Museums of Villa Torlonia
  • Civic Museum of Zoology
  • Gallery of Modern Art
  • Giovanni Barracco Museum of Ancient Sculpture
  • Napoleonic Museum
  • Pietro Canonica Museum in Villa Borghese
  • Museum of the Roman Republic and Garibaldi memory
  • Museum of Casal de ‘Pazzi
  • Museum of the Walls
  • Villa of Maxentius

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