inaugurated today by the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini the new path to the Colosseum, from which one can have a unique view of the city of Rome about 50 meters high.

The visit to the Amphitheater Flavio is enriched by two levels (IV and V), reaching to the Attico the “loggione” where once they sat on the wooden steps without numbered seats, the poorest, the plebeians of Ancient Rome who were assisting gladiators fought under a colonnade sheltering from sun and rain.

The new path finally completes the visit to the Coliseum after the opening of the basements and the rise from the terrace of the emperors in the 2nd level.
And it is from this ring thirty meters high that begins the new tour with the crossing of the only gallery preserved as originally: a space with vault cover destined for the sorting of the public.
Located in an intermediate space between II and III level, the gallery – never open to the public before – presents a further unicum: white plastered with crown marks, brought to light by a capillary restoration.

“The V level of the monument was destined for the plebeians, the IV to the merchants class and the small bourgeoisie, the III to a category we could call middle class, the II to the knights (the equites), and the I was finally destined the senators who sat on marble trunks and public guests, “explained the director of the Colosseum, Rossella Rea.


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