Next to the already known Cinecittà World, the new park is born themed where to travel to the past and live like the ancient Romans.

5 hectares of Roman countryside, among cork groves and pristine meadows where the large portal of the camp (the Castrum ) awaits you at the entrance. Beyond the guardhouse and the woods, there is the village, at the center of which there is the Arena dei Gladiatori , a ring where you can attend the challenges or learn the techniques of fighting with a sword (Gladio ) led by professional instructors.

Then there are the Taberna , the park restaurant, where you can try the experience of eating like the ancient Romans, the Camp where outdoor lovers can sleep at night , as in a campsite two thousand years ago.

In this journey through time, children are the protagonists: in addition to pony rides, in fact, waiting for them there is the opportunity to try their hand at archery, adventure trails in the small forest, the cork forest, and games once organized by the village entertainers.

In addition to the Standard Entrance Ticket which includes all activities and shows, you can also access the park with the Ancient Rome Entrance Ticket + Food package, which, in addition to the park, includes access to food in All you can mode eat, and the complete package that offers the possibility to sleep in the camp, with all you can eat food for dinner and breakfast the next day.


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