Roman Forum and Imperial Forums, in a unique route from June 29th

It will be the party of Saints Peter and Paul, on June 29 next, the day of inauguration of the new path that finally sees the Roman Forum and the Imperial Forums together.

With an agreement signed by the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum and the Capitoline Superintendency, therefore, citizens and tourists will be able to follow a new path, open on an experimental basis until December 31st and which should be fully operational by 2020, which from Piazza Santa Maria di Loreto , or from one of the entrances of the Roman Forum, will cross the area between the Curia Iulia, the Forum of Caesar, the Forum of Nerva and the Trajan Forum.

Access to the public will be from June 30th with a single 16 Euro ticket valid for the whole day and which can be purchased both at the ticket offices of the Roman Forum and the ones of the Trajan Column.

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