School for small gladiators and other children’s events

With the return to normal daily life after the summer holidays, Rome also begins the events for children. And they are getting more and more interesting.

On Saturday morning (September 16th), for example, at the Parco dell’Appia Antica there is the Gladiatorial School where the children will be trained by an experienced gladiator teacher who, in addition to directing a real simulation of a school gladiator adapted for the younger ones, will discover the history, characteristics and everyday life of gladiators.
Training will be carried out with reconstructions of weapons and armor placed safely for the didactic activity, while at the end will be given to participants a diploma of “professional gladiator”.
Everything is organized by Cicero in Rome, for all information and to know how to participate, please consult the association site to this page

In the evening, however, to celebrate the reopening of schools, the Zoological Museum will have dinner with Dinosaurs, a special evening where children will be involved in skill tests and team challenges, creative workshops, experiments and puzzles to be solved with, in the end, pizza for everyone!
For all information go to

In addition to quests, many other interesting events for the little ones in the coming weeks you can find on the children’s page

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