“The Gladiator” in the Colosseum

After almost twenty Years, tomorrow 6 June, Ridley Scott’s masterpiece lives on a special evening at the Colosseum, where a 200-piece ensemble of musicians and choristers will perform the unforgettable soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard.

A show that, as the composer Hans Zimmer said “will be a four-way conversation between the story of the film, the sub-text of the music, the reaction of the public and the space of the Colosseum with its history”.
For the soloist Lisa Gerrard, who for the first time will enter the Colosseum, “singing in the places of the film will be like falling into it. It is a great work. He moved the world because it is not the story of a gladiator, but of a father and a husband ”

300 lucky guests will attend the event and will not miss him, “the gladiator” Russell Crowe, who says: “It is a pleasure every time to come to Italy, nobody invited me, I’m here because I love Rome.

The replies of the event will be at the Circus Maximus on Friday and next Saturday, June 8th and 9th

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