The Moon above the Colosseum

Next Saturday, July 25, 2020, The Moon over the Colosseum returns, the evening openings of the Colosseum, which this year are enriched with a new path entitled “Of magicians, necromancers, shepherds and other crafts”.

An unusual path that, for the first time, is enriched by the recent rediscovery of graffiti identified in the first-order ambulatory and datable between the late Middle Ages and the seventeenth century. Names, dates, sacred and profane symbols engraved in travertine, and which tell fragments of stories of ordinary people who worked and frequented the Colosseum when the monument was almost isolated from the rest of the city and partly underground.

The story then finds the stories that still feed the attraction for the Colosseum on the arena floor with the extraordinary view of the skeleton of the underground where gladiators and animals waited their turn to perform in front of the spectators who crowded the stands.

The route continues in the second order where the testimony of the uninterrupted life of the monument over time, the ceremony of the via crucis that originally took place along the perimeter of the arena and the charm of the amphitheater that has become an icon of modern Rome will be recalled through the finds of the exhibition ‘The Colosseum is told’ to end finally with the view of the Colosseum square, in front of the Arch of Constantine and the solemn Temple of Venus and Rome.

These evening visits will be every Saturday until August 29 starting from 20.00 and will enter groups of up to 20 people at a standard cost of 24 € or the possibility of taking advantage of a family package (two adults and up to 3 children under 18 years) at the price of 44 €.

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