“If you can’t go to the Colosseum, the Colosseum will come to you.”

Surely it is not the same as visiting it live but, now, thanks to the internet and modern technologies, even those who live thousands of kilometers away from Rome can enter and visit museums and monuments from the comfort of their own home and discover the stories and secrets of the Colosseum. of the Sistine Chapel and of the most beautiful and most important places in Rome.

The Secrets of the Colosseum

This online tour takes you back in time when an emperor had the largest amphitheater in history built near the beautiful Domus Aurea. Then, you will enter into the Colosseum as the Gladiators did and your guide will share the secrets and stories of their life working within the amphitheater, divulging what they have come to learn in their studies and share often overlooked articles of interest about the Colosseum.

The tour takes approximately 1 hour and during the tour you can chat and ask as many questions as you want. It’s planned each thursday and saturday but it’s possible to ask for a Private Tour.

Anyway, for more information or to do booking, go to the Tour Page

Essential Rome, The Iconic Piazzas

The tour among the streets, the fountains and piazzas of the Rome history center, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980! On this live online tour, you will walk through Rome’s centro storico with our local expert guide and you explore it through the eyes of one of its devoted locals from their home to yours.

You will see Piazza di Spagna, home to the famed Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona with its three Bernini fountains and some stories about Popes and artists. Until to arrive to the wonderful the Trevi Fountain, where a local expert will unravel the various myths tucked into the facade, the mismatch of papal insignia, and how you can truly live, la dolce vita!!

This tour is planned for each friday and sunday and for more information, booking or question, check the Tour Page

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