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The Roman Carnival
The history of the Carnival in Rome The origins of carnival date back to the Roman Saturnalia, festivities & agrave; Religious ancient Rome characterized by public amusements, orgiastic rites, sacrifices, dances and the presence of masks.
The Roman Carnival has however its maximum explosion, in the Middle Ages, after the election of Pope Paul II, who, after the transfer of the papal residence at Palazzo Venezia, concentrated in the historic center and particularly in Via Lata (now the Via del Corso), most of the carnival festivities.
The main form of the Roman carnival was Rugantino, but there were also various Norcini, Aquilani and Meo Patacca and General Damn.

The Roman Carnival 2018 This year the celebrations for the Carnival in Rome start from the next weekend with many events, fancy dress parties and parades through the streets of the city.
Starting from the beautiful events of next Sunday, 4 February, where at the Auditorium Parco della Musica starting at 10.00, there is La Tarantella del Carnevale, a big party for all, adults and children, where hundreds of traditional masks and dancers will animate at the rhythm of overwhelming and vertiginous tarantellas the outdoor and indoor spaces of the Auditorium. And at 11.00 am, in the Santa Cecilia hall, a great concert show with the participation of over two hundred artists among musicians, singers and dancers who will make known the riches of the southern carnival folk rituals. ( Info & Tickets )
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Other carnival events in Rome Among other events for the Carnival celebrations in Rome include:

Saturday, February 10th from 16.00, in Piazza San Cosimato in Trastevere, there will be the XV Edition of Piccolo Carnevale Armonico , where the papier-mâché masks and sculptures that will be worn in parade will be painted by the children in a workshop scheduled for February 3
The Liberated Carnevalone of Poggio Mirteto arrives instead Sunday 18 January after the two Sundays of Carnevale Poggiano , the party starts at 10.00 with the entrance into the squares of Bammoccio
The Carnival for children Other two wonderful events for kids to celebrate the Roman Carnival 2018:
Sunday, At the Luneur Park on weekends 3-4 and 10-11 February the Garden of Wonders is colored with revelry and comes alive with lively and hilarious events: dances, dances and masks will involve both children and girls.   
   At the Bioparco di Roma , on the other hand, special Carnival Promotion from 1 to 13 February where all the masked children up to 12 years will have    right to free entry.
   Big party then Sunday 11 February from 11.00 to 16.00 with:   
  • Children's Carnival: a fun show for adults and children   
  • The clothes of animals: an animated journey in stages to discover the "disguises" of animals   
  • Face painting: where everyone can turn into their favorite animal or character    and other fun activities
  • Events for children

    Events, expositions and shows dedicated to the youngest and the whole family

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