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Carnival and Valentine's events in Rome
The Tiberian Carnival in RomeSunday 27 February 2022, Scalo de Pinedo, Roma
From Scalo de Pinedo to Castel Sant’Angelo, along the banks of the Tiber and in the water, by canoe and by bicycle, children and families, all in masks.
The purpose of the Tiberian Carnival is to promote, while having fun, the territory of the Tiber basin in Rome to bring children and families closer to the river and raise awareness of the importance of the quality of the river environment, even in an urban setting.
The stretch is about 6 km long and there are a maximum of 40 boats, with the obligation of life jackets. The bike tour instead includes a ring that will cover both banks and will be about 10 km long.
Appointment at 12 pm Other information

The Roman Carnival
Born in the Middle Ages, the Roman Carnival, however, has its greatest explosion after the election of Pope Paul II, who, after the transfer of the papal residence to Palazzo Venezia, concentrates in the historical center and in particular in the Via Lata (current Via del Corso), most of the carnival festivities.
The art commedy, the masked parades, the Agonali Games, the allegorical wagons, tournaments and rides, the highly anticipated races of the Berber horses and the feast of moccoletti they involved the whole population, attracting travelers and curious from half the world.

With the advent of the Savoy in Rome in 1870, the sunset of the Carnival begins, mainly because of the many accidents that occurred during the games and that reaped different victims among the public present.

The places of the Carnival in Rome were above all Piazza Navona, where ludic representations and fireworks were organized, Piazza del Popolo, place of departure of the most important event of the Carnival, the race of the Berbers, Via del Corso, along which the race that ended in Piazza Venezia took place.

Typical characters of the Roman Carnival are Rugantino , an arrogant rascal of Trastevere with old trousers and neckerchief, Cassandrino , a noble authentic, Meo Patacca , a boy of the people, and the benefactor Don Pasquale.

The Carnival Tarantella
Sunday 27 February, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Via Pietro de Coubertain, 30

A great party for everyone, young and old, with the participation of many traditional masks and dancers who will animate to the rhythm of overwhelming and dizzying tarantella.An event that culminates in a great concert with the participation of numerous artists including musicians, singers and dancers from from some regions of Italy where the tradition of this special festival is still very much alive. An original project that constitutes a unique opportunity to get to know the richness of southern carnival folk rituals.
Timetable : 18:00
Pricing : not available

Viareggio Carnival & Cinema
Until February 13, Casa del Cinema, Largo Marcello Mastroianni, 1

A photographic exhibition with the most beautiful floats of the historic Carnival of Viareggio and a review of 4 films inspired by the Carnival and its splendid city. An evocative journey among giant-sized floats dedicated to the world of cinema and its characters. Also on display unpublished images, obtained from the digitization with the original colors of films and slides preserved in the Historical Archive of the Citadel of the Carnival of Viareggio. Details of art and creativity that in Viareggio are the basis of the Carnival, which in 2023 will celebrate its first 150 years.

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