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Events and shows during the Christmas and New Year holidays in Rome

The Christmas and New Year celebrations in Rome
Trees and nativity scenes in Rome for Christmas 2020Until January 6 2021, Rome
In addition to Spelacchio , the Christmas tree or Rome, 23 meters high x 12 meters in diameter (at the base) and inaugurated in Piazza Venezia last December 8, this year a luminous tree will be installed in Piazza Risorgimento and one in each town hall.
Furthermore, on 18 December a nativity scene will be set up in Piazza del Campidoglio, a Neapolitan nativity scene from the 18th century in Piazza di Spagna and a Pinelli nativity scene in Piazza del Popolo.
In addition, a robotic nativity scene will be built in the gardens of Piazza Vittorio , and a competition of ideas will also be organized for children.

OLTRE TUTTO, the New Year"s Eve in Rome 202131 December 2020, 10 pm,
A unique event only in streaming on the social networks of the Municipality of Rome, with national and international artists: Gianna Nannini, Manuel Agnelli with Rodrigo D"Erasmo, Diodato, Elodie, Carl Brave and others.
An artistic story made of sounds, words and images for a New Year"s party that will be new and different.
The two authors, Francesca Macrì and Claudia Sorace, will be in connection from 10pm to after midnight from the Scenography Laboratory of the Opera Theater, with an extraordinary view of the Circus Maximus, and from which Gianna Nannini will perform live streaming.
In the Circus Maximus, unlike people as in past years, there will be two large contemporary art installations, that of Alfredo Pirri (Fire - Ash - Silence) and that of Tim Etchells (THIS PRECISE MOMENT IN TIME AS SEEN FROM THE FUTURE ).
There will also be the world premiere of Tomás Saraceno: How to hear the universe in a spider/web: A live concert for / by invertebrate rights , where the Argentine artist will explore the connections of the Earth with the Universe and Man with Nature and the Cosmos, while for music, in addition to Gianna Nannini, the program includes performances by other Italian artists from absolutely extraordinary places in Rome such as the Tabularium of the Capitoline Museums which hosts Elodie, the Palatine Stadium with Diodato, Gemitaiz at Ara Pacis, Carl Brave in front of the Arch of Janus and Manuel Agnelli with Rodrigo d"Erasmo from the Museum of Rome - Palazzo Braschi.
Adriana Ferreira and Augusta Girardi will open the streaming with a beautiful performance in duo, flute and harp.

Christmas lights 2020 in RomeUntil 6 January 2021, Rome
For the Christmas holidays period, from 8 December 2020 to 6 January 2021, activities have been identified that avoid gatherings of people and ensure full compliance with the envisaged measures: plays of light, video-mapping projections, innovative and light installations for to convey messages of tradition and sharing and to spread the Christmas atmosphere throughout the city.
Until January 6, in Piazza Navona , the three monumental fountains light up in blue and a video-mapping projection appears on the Fountain of the Four Rivers that animates the fountain on all four sides with color, music and movement.
At Piazza del Popolo , on the other hand, from 19 December, marvelous and evocative images of guardian angels and "protectors" of the city will be projected on the Porta del Popolo, which for centuries was the main access to the city.
Other light installations will be set up in various areas of the city while a 6 meter high light tree will be placed in each Town Hall.
A Christmas open bus, then, will circulate, bringing music, through the streets of the city, while, on the occasion of the Feast of the Befana, a special initiative for children will be organized in collaboration with the Bioparco of Rome.

Spelacchio, the Rome"s Christmas tree
Spelacchio is the name with which the Christmas tree in Rome has become famous all over the world.
It all started in Christmas 2017 when the tree from Val di Fiemme, in the Dolomites, arrived in Piazza Venezia in poor condition, bare, with very sparse branches, to the point of earning the nickname of Spelacchio , from the term "spelacchiato" which in Roman dialect indicates a bare tree, with little foliage.
Controversy and jokes on social media spread throughout the world, even the Russian channel christened it "toilet brush", that is toilet brush and, if on the one hand it obviously caused the embarrassment of the Raggi junta, on the other Spelacchio became yet another attraction tourist in Rome, more photographed than the Colosseum during those Christmas holidays.
If in the following years the Christmas trees of Piazza Venezia were definitely up to the beauty of Rome, Spelacchio"s fame did not pass and today it still remains among the things most photographed by tourists during the Christmas holidays.

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