The Colosseum
"As long as the Colosseum, there will Rome when the Colosseum falls, Rome will also fall, but when Rome falls, the world will fall"

Discont cards and combo deals with entrance to the Colosseum
Colosseum + Sistine Chapel
The most beautiful and most famous monuments of Rome that every year welcome millions of tourists from all over the world.
The Colosseum, symbol of Rome, with the big archaeological area of Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, immortal testimony of the greatness of Ancient Rome, and the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo"s masterpiece, probably one of the best known works of art in the world and most beautiful of all times, inserted inside the Vatican Museums, where you can admire other wonders such as the Raphael Rooms, the Tapestry Gallery or the Gallery of Geographical Maps.
Below you can, therefore, take your ticket, in the fastest and cheapest way, to visit these wonders:

Colosseum + Sistine Chapel

Colosseum and Roman Forum + Castel Sant'Angelo
A bundle that together with the Colosseum allows access to one of the most important monuments for the history of Rome: Castel Sant"Angelo, which from the tomb of Emperor Hadrian became a prison and then a fortress.
In addition to priority access to the Colosseum, 1st and 2nd floor and Arena, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, it includes skip-the-line entrance to Castel Sant"Angelo with downloadable multilingual audio guide and, for adults only, a ticket for the National Museum of the Palazzo di Venezia, to be visited within a week of visiting the castle
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Rome Pass Card
The best solution to enter your favorite museums and wander around Rome without worries.
Indeed, the Roma Pass is the capital"s tourist-cultural card that offers tourists free entry to 1 or 2 museums of their choice and unlimited use of all public transport (excluding trains) for 48h or 72h .

The card is activated on the first entry into the museums or on the first journey by public transport.
For access to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Borghese Gallery, Mausoleum of Augustus and Palazzo Valentini, a reservation is required, which we recommend making at least 2 weeks in advance.

This card cannot be used to access the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter"s Basilica and entrance to the Colosseum only includes the standard route which does not include the Arena and Underground

The Colosseum + Roma World
Roma World is the amusement park themed around Ancient Rome, where you can discover the life of the ancient Romans with fun and educational activities, including gladiatorial shows and ancient propitiatory rituals with the vestal virgins, armour, coins and costumes in the Roman market and the games of Ancient Rome which will make the little ones discover how Roman children spent their time, with board games, sack races, and much more.
This package therefore, in addition to the visit to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, allows access to this park, with all activities and shows included.

Colosseum + Roma World
Guided tour Colosseum and Arena + Roma World

The Colosseum with the Catacombs
This package combines the most famous monument in Rome and the entire archaeological park with the Roman catacombs, the long underground tunnels (some up to 20km) which were used for several centuries as burial places for pagans and priests
The best way to learn about the underground history of Rome and its religious past, walking among ancient crypts and mysterious symbols engraved in the stone.

Colosseum Priority Entrance + GuidedTour of Catacomb of St.Callixtus
Colosseum + Guided tour of Catacombs of San Sebastiano

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