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Reopenings and events of spring time in Rome
MMDCCLXXIV "Years" or RomeApril 21, 2021, Rome
Rome"s Christmas is the day when Rome celebrates its foundation on April 21 respecting the tradition according to which Romulus founded the city on 753 BC. on the Palatine hill.
The name Rome is assumed to derive from an Etruscan word Rumon connected to the name of the Tiber while another hypothesis makes it descend from another word Etruscan Ruma which means "breast" linked to the history of the twins and the she-wolf.
The first to celebrate Christmas in Rome was Emperor Claudius, in AD 47, about 800 years after the alleged foundation date of the city, followed by many others over the centuries.
And still today the celebrations continue on April 21 with many events including exhibitions, parades and playful events for an important appointment for all Romans and tourists fascinated by the legendary origins of this city.

Spring-Summer at the Appia Antica Park
A unique park in the world of over 4500 hectares which includes, in addition to the Via Appia Antica (16 km), the Valle della Caffarella (200 hectares), the Parco degli Acquedotti (240 hectares), the Tenuta di Tormarancia (220 hectares), the archaeological area of the Via Latina and the Farnesiana Estate (180 hectares).
The spring-summer 2021 program of guided tours in the park began last 10 April and will continue until September with a calendar dedicated to children and families and a calendar for everyone.
The activities take place all outdoors and are subject to reservations.
The calendar of events and all other information can be found on the Official site of the park.

Opening municipal rose gardenFrom 21 April to 13 June, via di Valle Murcia
With the spring, at the foot of the Aventine open the gates of one of the gardens more Romantic Rome.
  In May 1100 species of roses bloom in a riot of colors and scents that make it even more valuable for nature and a place that is already magical place.

This year, the rose garden will be Open every day from the day of Christmas in Rome (April 21), and up to 13 June.

From May 16, also the area of ??the Rome Prize competition is open to the public has the opportunity to see the new varieties of roses in the competition.

Admission is completely free

CSIO of Rome Piazza di Siena 2021From 26 to 30 May 2021, Villa Borghese, Rome
After the forced stop of the 2020 edition, the historic competition in horse racing returns, this year in its 88th edition.
The debut of Piazza di Siena in Villa Borghese as a venue for equestrian competitions actually dates back to 1922 and it is four years later, in 1926, that the official numbering of the CSIO begins with the inclusion of the Roman Competition in the international calendar of the FEI.
You can consult the program on Official website of the event

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