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Restaurants and pizza in San Lorenzo district
Formula 1 Via degli Equi, 13 (San Lorenzo) - Tel. +39064453866

One of the most historical and pizzerias frequented San Lorenzo, especially by young people and students.   Roman pizza tastes usual low cost, bruschetta, cod fillets, 'suppli' and croquettes, which can also be ordered with particular variants   and personal.

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Il Maratoneta Via dei Sardi, 20 - Tel: +39.06.4450287

Il Maratoneta is a historic pizzeria is located in Rome's San Lorenzo district, popularly priced, quiet and unpretentious. In addition to pizza, you can make the croutons, the rice balls but also the classic fried cod. The local is very basic and offers a dinner prices very economic.
With a maximum of € 12 eat appetizer, pizza and beer to digest.'

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Il Podista Via Tiburtina, 224 - Tel.:+39.06.44700967

It's one of the best pizzerias in Rome, Location, for quality and price. The pizza, thin and crispy are excellent, as well as the suppli, fillets of cod and altir fried, which is always good, the waiters and the owner are friendly and helpful. '

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