The Colosseum
"As long as the Colosseum, there will Rome when the Colosseum falls, Rome will also fall, but when Rome falls, the world will fall"

Free in Rome
The Colosseum for free
The following are entitled to free entry to the Colosseum:
  • All citizens under the age of 18
  • Italian professors on permanent or fixed-term contracts (upon presentation of suitable certification issued by educational institutions)
  • Disabled people and their family member or accompanying person belonging to the social and health care services
  • EU tourist guides in the exercise of their professional activity
  • Art History teachers of high school institutions
  • EU tourist interpreters in the exercise of their professional activity
  • Groups of public and private schools in the EU, accompanied by their teachers by reservation
  • teachers and students of the faculties of Architecture, Conservation of cultural heritage, Education sciences and degree courses in Literature or Literary subjects with archaeological or historical-artistic address of universities and academies of all EU member countries. The ticket is issued to students by showing the enrollment certificate for the current academic year
    On some days of the year, the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are free for everyone, without presale.

    Municipal Rose Garden Opening Until June 14, via di Valle Murcia, Rome
    At the foot of the Aventino one of the most romantic gardens in Rome with more than 1000 species of roses that bloom in a triumph of colors and scents making an already magical place by nature and position even more precious.
    Due to the lockdwon for the coronavirus pandemic, the opening of the rose garden has been postponed to Saturday 16 May this year and the visit will be limited to the collection area only.
    Access will be limited to the entrance and, for the purpose of preventing the risk of contagion from coronavirus, visitors are required to use gloves and masks and to respect the social distance of at least one meter.
    The rose garden will remain open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30 to 19.30 until 14 June

    Virtual tour to the Trevi Fountain #istayathome

    With this video we go to see and know the most beautiful fountain in the world, history and legends.
    You will discover, among other things, what the ace of cups is, and what it has to do with the fountain and where all the coins that tourists from all over the world end up throwing into the fountain every day.

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