The Colosseum
"As long as the Colosseum, there will Rome when the Colosseum falls, Rome will also fall, but when Rome falls, the world will fall"

Free in Rome
The Colosseum for free
The following are entitled to free entry to the Colosseum:
  • All citizens under the age of 18
  • Italian professors on permanent or fixed-term contracts (upon presentation of suitable certification issued by educational institutions)
  • Disabled people and their family member or accompanying person belonging to the social and health care services
  • EU tourist guides in the exercise of their professional activity
  • Art History teachers of high school institutions
  • EU tourist interpreters in the exercise of their professional activity
  • Groups of public and private schools in the EU, accompanied by their teachers by reservation
  • teachers and students of the faculties of Architecture, Conservation of cultural heritage, Education sciences and degree courses in Literature or Literary subjects with archaeological or historical-artistic address of universities and academies of all EU member countries. The ticket is issued to students by showing the enrollment certificate for the current academic year
    On some days of the year, the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are free for everyone, without presale.

    The Cinema in Piazza 2020From 3 July to 30 August 2020, San Cosimato, Ostia, Cervelletta
    The "Cinema in Piazza" will be there! The Oscar winner Pawel Pawlikowski, who will present "Cold War", and the director of "American History X" TONY KAYE, who will fly from Los Angeles to the Cerebellum, will arrive from all over the world at the invitation of Little America. Mathieu Kassovitz will leave Paris with Audrey Tautou to present "The Fabulous World of Amélie" and "L"ordre et la morale", the latest direction by the Parisian and a title never distributed in Italian cinemas. German directors Jan-Ole Gerster and Dennis Gansel, invited by the German Embassy in Rome, will present "Oh Boy" and "The Wave" respectively, on the birth of authoritarian social structures.
    Sabrina Ferilli and Paolo Virzì will inaugurate the summer season with "La bella vita", Carlo Verdone will pay homage to Alberto Sordi in Trastevere, Valerio Mastandrea and Chiara Martegiani will turn on the projector at the Cervelletta. Paola Cortellesi and Riccardo Milani will conquer the public of San Cosimato for the first time, while Marco Risi will take "Mery forever" and "Teens out" in an inaugural night marathon at the Tourist Port of Rome and Lello Arena will pay homage to Massimo Troisi.
    To conclude the nights of cinema there will be the final evening of the retrospective dedicated to Paolo Virzì, for which the National Film Library, has digitized his older works. On August 30, Francesca Archibugi and Francesco Piccolo will also be with him in Piazza San Cosimato.
    Admission to the event, in compliance with anti-Covid19 measures, will be allowed only on compulsory reservation, by registering on . On the platform it will be possible to book your own "pitch", within which you can watch the film with cushions, towels and seats brought from home.
    The program of films on

    Free walking tour: Trastevere, Isola Tiberina and Jewish Ghetto
    To discover some historic districts of the city, where time seems to stand still.
    Trastevere, ancient area of ??residence of the Etruscan population on the right bank of the Tiber. Crossing the river you will stop on the Tiber Island before reaching the Jewish quarter, where Rome still hosts the oldest Jewish community in the diaspora. Strolling through the narrow alleys of the district will allow you to jump back in time when the area was considered one of the poorest and most unhealthy in the city although not without evidence of a glorious past. After the period of imprisonment, subsequent emancipation and persecutions, the district has in fact turned into one of the trendiest areas of the capital, frequented by both tourists and Romans attracted by the many restaurants that serve the characteristic dishes of Jewish-Roman cuisine.
    Duration of the tour: 2 hours and 30 minutes

    Booking (The reservation is free and only serves to book and join the group, once the tour is over you decide how much to pay. )

    Free museums for one year with the MIC Card
    With the new MIC Card, all residents in the municipality of Rome will have free access for a year to some of the Museums in the Municipality.
    Museums that are free only for MIC Card holders are:

  • Capitoline Museums
  • Centrale Montemartini
  • Mercati di Traiano Museum of the Imperial Forums
  • Ara Pacis Museum *
  • Museum of Rome *
  • Gallery of Modern Art
  • Museum of Rome in Trastevere
  • Museums of Villa Torlonia (Casino of the Princes / Casino Nobile / Casina delle Civette)
  • Civic Museum of Zoology
    You can buy the card in one of the museums or in the Tourist Infopoints for 5 €.
    * Exposure spaces that include separate ticketing are not included.

    E tu splendi invece: photographic exhibition about PasoliniUntil September 20, Rhinoceros Gallery, Via dei Cerchi 21
    A tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini, with 110 photos taken by Dino Pedriali, which portray him in his home in Sabaudia and in that of Chia, near Viterbo. This "testament of the body" is a precious testimony of the life and work of the great intellectual and poet, who appears here immersed in writing, in the creation of his works, alongside the manuscript of the Lutheran Letters, from which the title of the exhibition.
    Also on display is the reproduction of the Corriere della Sera page with the famous text The void of power, also called "the article of the fireflies" in which Pasolini uses the poetic image of the disappearance of fireflies to create an analogy with the failure to develop democracy in Italy.
    From Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 to 23, twenty people will be allowed to enter every thirty minutes.

    Sunday Civic Museums with free admissionSunday, September 6 2020, Rome
    After the closure due to the lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic, free admission returns to all the civic museums of Rome on the first Sunday of the month.
    Next Sunday 7 June will be free admission (with reservations required) then the following museums:

  • Capitoline Museums
  • Centrale Montemartini
  • Mercati di Traiano - Museums of the Imperial Forums
  • Ara Pacis Museum (exhibition excluded, reserved at a reduced price for MIC Card holders)
  • Museum of Rome in Palazzo Braschi (exhibition excluded, reserved at reduced price to holders of the MIC Card)
  • Museum of Rome in Trastevere
  • Museums of Villa Torlonia
  • Planetarium and Astronomical Museum
  • Civic Museum of Zoology
  • Pietro Canonica Museum in Villa Borghese
  • Carlo Bilotti Aranciera Museum in Villa Borghese
  • Modern Art Gallery of Rome Capital
  • G. Barracco Museum of Ancient Sculpture
  • Museum of the Walls
  • Museum of the Roman Republic and Garibaldi's memory
  • Napoleonic Museum
  • Casal de ’Pazzi Museum  

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