The Colosseum
"As long as the Colosseum, there will Rome when the Colosseum falls, Rome will also fall, but when Rome falls, the world will fall"

Free in Rome
The Colosseum for free
The following are entitled to free entry to the Colosseum:
  • All citizens under the age of 18
  • Disabled people and their family member or accompanying person belonging to the social and health care services
  • EU tourist guides in the exercise of their professional activity
  • EU tourist interpreters in the exercise of their professional activity
  • Employees of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities
  • Members of ICOM (International Council of Museum)
  • Members of ICCROM (International organization for conservation of cultural heritage)
  • Students of the schools of: Central Institute of Restoration, Opificio delle Pietre Dure, School for Mosaic Restoration
  • Journalists registered in the national register and journalists from any other country, in the performance of their duties and upon presentation of a suitable document proving the professional activity carried out
  • Groups of public and private schools in the EU, accompanied by their teachers by reservation
  • teachers and students of the faculties of Architecture, Conservation of cultural heritage, Education sciences and degree courses in Literature or Literary subjects with archaeological or historical-artistic address of universities and academies of all EU member countries. The ticket is issued to students by showing the enrollment certificate for the current academic year
    The free ticket have to be booked online
    On the occasion of the #domenicalmuseo, the first Sunday of the month, the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill will have free admission for everyone.

    Free walking toursFirst Sunday of the month: Free MuseumsSunday, 2nd April 2023, Roma
    The appointment with Domenica Al Museo is back and free admission to all museums and archaeological sites in the municipality of Rome.
    Next Sunday the following museums will therefore have free admission: the Capitoline Museums
    Trajan"s Markets - Museum of the Imperial Forums
    Ara Pacis Museum
    the Centrale Montemartini
    , the Museum of Rome - Palazzo Braschi
    the Museum of Rome in Trastevere
    the Gallery of Modern Art
    the Museums of Villa Torlonia
    the Civic Museum of Zoology
    the Giovanni Barracco Museum of Ancient Sculpture
    the Carlo Bilotti Museum - Villa Borghese Orangery
    the Napoleonic Museum, the Pietro Canonica Museum in Villa Borghese
    the Museum of the Roman Republic
    the Museum of Casal de "Pazzi
    the Museum of the Walls and the Villa of Maxentius
    and in the archaeological areas of the Circus Maximus and the Imperial Forums

    Free walking tour: Trastevere, Isola Tiberina and Jewish Ghetto
    To discover some historic districts of the city, where time seems to stand still.
    Trastevere, ancient area of ??residence of the Etruscan population on the right bank of the Tiber. Crossing the river you will stop on the Tiber Island before reaching the Jewish quarter, where Rome still hosts the oldest Jewish community in the diaspora. Strolling through the narrow alleys of the district will allow you to jump back in time when the area was considered one of the poorest and most unhealthy in the city although not without evidence of a glorious past. After the period of imprisonment, subsequent emancipation and persecutions, the district has in fact turned into one of the trendiest areas of the capital, frequented by both tourists and Romans attracted by the many restaurants that serve the characteristic dishes of Jewish-Roman cuisine.
    Duration of the tour: 2 hours and 30 minutes

    Booking (The reservation is free and only serves to book and join the group, once the tour is over you decide how much to pay. )

    The Mummy of Rameses. The immortal pharaoh
    Until 14 June, Museo del Vicino Oriente, Egitto e Mediterraneo , Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5

    The exhibition focuses on the three-dimensional reproduction on a 1:1 scale of the mummy of the pharaoh Ramses II created by the SAPeri&Co Center with a futuristic experimental technique which involved the reconstruction of the pharaoh's skin with organic material. The replica, perfectly corresponding to the original, will allow visitors to get to know, through a path enriched by multimedia and multisensory content, the main exploits of one of the most important rulers of ancient Egypt. The path leads the visitor inside the pharaoh's burial chamber where, in addition to the mummy, it is possible touch and smell the scents of the substances used for mummification and explore the monumental tomb carved into the stone reproduced in a model.
    Timetables : From 10.00 to 17.00 (Tuesday and Thursday)

    First course: Exhibition of the Irish artist Claire Halpin
    From March 18 to April 4, Galleria Cabaret Voltaire , Via Panisperna, 87

    His painting explores themes and concepts around disputed histories and territories. Created over the past two years, these paintings respond to different places of conflict and protest: from the pandemic, to the storming of the Capitol, to the refugee crisis, to the current war in Ukraine. The works attempt to navigate the complexity of the contemporary theater of war and the culture wars as the battlefield shifts into the space of online and live feed of multimedia news and images. The themes of the works concern the perception and interpretation of images and their resonance is influenced by the way they are created, represented and by the context in which they are viewed.
    Times : from 18.00 to 23.00 (from Tuesday to Sunday)

    Ancient Egypt. Life beyond life
    From March 22nd to June 1st, Accademia d'Egitto di Belle Arti , Via Omero, 4

    The exhibition, which includes eight large-scale works, focuses in particular on the beauty of the Abu Simbel temple, strongly wanted and built by Ramses II (1303 BC - 1212 BC) to celebrate his victory against the Hittites in the battle of Kadesh . The artist Luigi Ballarin is inspired by the ancient and traditional decorative forms of the Egyptian times to re-propose in a modern, renewed way, not only the representations, but also his messages. Thanks to the mixed techniques and the use of acrylic and enamel, makes its decorations unusual, seemingly imprecise up close, but perfect from a distance. To enrich the works, metallic effects that give the works a great luminosity, narrating memories and recollections, emotions and stories, symbols and spirituality, as in the scene of psychostasis (i.e. the weighing of the heart).
    Times : from 10.00 to 16.00 (Monday to Friday)

    Ricomincio dal ventitre': personal exhibition of Giuse Rogolino
    from March 31st to April 13th, Medina Art Gallery, Via Angelo Poliziano, 32-34

    Sculptor, painter, video designer and journalist, who made art into a powerful manifesto of social battles. His artistic expression developed and matured quickly, so much so that before the age of 24 he had several active exhibitions. The works on display, characterized by multi-materialism and powerful dialectic, offer an intimate journey into human life, made up of stories and feelings that belong to both the individual and the community. The artist's thought is translated and modeled with new forms in clay, creating highly symbolic sculptures that recall the most ancient and recent history, but always extremely current. In his canvases, inexorable lines divide, dissect and enclose the portraits of today's martyrs. Finally, taking up the three-dimensionality of the sculptures and the chromatic contrasts of the paintings, where matter meets color creating decisive and magnetic oppositions.
    Timetables : from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00

    Japan Days Opening
    Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 April , Ippodromo Capannelle , Via Appia Nuova, 1245

    130 exhibitors from all over Italy is the real beating heart of an event that has been bringing a small corner of Japan with passion since 2007. Laboratories and workshops on traditional arts such as origami, calligraphy, ikebana or painting but also presentations and talks on publications that have Japan as their central theme. Also martial arts exhibitions with dissemination and demonstration stations of the disciplines and shiatsu massages. An area with video game consoles from the 80s/90s. Finally, the part dedicated to food & drink is a real journey through the cuisine of the Rising Sun: street food typical of Japanese matsuri, home food, sushi & poke, ramen & onigiri , Japanese beers and sake shop with the possibility of tastings.
    Times : from 10.00 to 19.30

    Exhibition of contemporary art market
    From 24 March to 29 April, Edarcom Europa, Via Macedonia, 12

    Like a small fair, it will allow the exhibition of all the artists represented by the gallery, giving an overview of the very rich catalogue: over 40 authors, including important masters of the twentieth century and selected contemporary artists, and over 400 works including paintings, sculptures and graphic works. Visitors are invited to discover the novelties and rediscover the great classics. The professionalism and competence of the staff will accompany expert collectors and curious enthusiasts in a personalized visit experience and, in the event of a purchase, will be able to assist in choosing the ideal work of art.
    Timetables : from 10.30 to 13.00 and from 15.30 to 19.30 (from Monday to Saturday)

    Mona Lisa's Wall
    Until April 30, Piazza San Calisto

    An extraordinary composition of twenty-nine Mona Lisas which is attracting the attention and gazes of numerous passers-by and tourists. What we are witnessing is a street art intervention, created in one of the most significant and representative districts of the urban art scene, which gives all citizens the opportunity to admire works that otherwise would have been relegated only within the confines of a gallery. The works, exhibited on the wall, are thus directly confronted with the city and are admired, photographed and commented on, as demonstrated by the 'high number of interactions that are taking place on social media. For days in the square there have been those who stop to take a photo, others to look at the numerous details that distinguish the replicas of the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. A personalized and distorted composition of Mona Lisas that pay homage and continue to immortalize one of the most famous portraits in the history of art which never ceases to enchant those who look at it with its charm and mystery.

    Pericle Fazzini, the sculptor of the wind
    from 25 March to 2 July, Museo Carlo Bilotti Aranciera , Viale Fiorello la Guardia, 6

    The exhibition traces the entire creative life of the master from the Marches, through small and large sculptures among woods, bronzes and plasters, drawings and graphic works. The artist's path is one of the highest examples of sacred art of the twentieth century. His yearning for beauty as the revelation of the Divine marks a turning point in contemporary plastic research by translating the sacred text of the Scriptures into a dialogue between Faith and Art.
    Timetables : until May 10.00 - 16.00 (from Tuesday to Friday)
    10.00 - 19.00 ( Saturday and Sunday )
    June and July 13.00 - 19.00 (from Tuesday to Friday)
    10.00 - 19.00 ( Saturday and Sunday )

    Laika - Art is not a game
    From 11 March to 22 April, Rosso20sette Contemporary art, Via del Sudario, 39

    A series of works in which he retraces his art without filters, characterized by a unique irony. Works dedicated to Angela Davis, Patrick Zaki and Giulio Regeni, Gino Strada, and then the No eyez on me project series with portraits by Greta Thunberg, Barbie girl and Matteo Salvini, Baywatch. Other works are dedicated to migrants, including Life is not a game, created on the geographical map of the Balkans, and Enea was a refugee with the figure of Aeneas dominating the map of Greece. Lastly, the Futuro installation, an optometric table made on enamelled wood, presented for the first time in 2021 in Frankfurt.
    Timetables : From 11.00 to 19.00 (from Tuesday to Saturday)

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