The Colosseum
"As long as the Colosseum, there will Rome when the Colosseum falls, Rome will also fall, but when Rome falls, the world will fall"

The ghosts of Rome

Just walk at night, especially at dawn, the streets of Rome to warn that behind a door ajar or a window ill-lit, it could suddenly manifest a transparent figure in history and memories.

A Vigna Clara clothes seems the ghost of a doctor in 1600 who loves to feel his presence, the ladies who gather at seances, beating shots and giving sage advice on how to heal. Some claim to have seen even appear .. is a chubby-faced funny man.
A San Pietro often appear the figures of two children who died in 1800 because of an outbreak .. In a penthouse, Via XX Settembre, the landlord is visited every night by an old man who's pulling the blankets while sleeping, the move of martini glasses or dilutes it to him, frightens her friends .. Some argue that it is the former owner of the house, who died in mysterious circumstances. As a cease-Spirits of mysterious ghosts raids were made until 1800 (and seems to still make) a mockery of the inhabitants and visitors of an inn nearby. The belief that there were ghosts and wandering spirits survived until to "exorcise" the place on the facade of a building was placed an image of the Madonna, from which you could say that "the spirits had stopped." This statue has been preserved until a few years ago, when she was knocked down with stones.

One of the most famous ghosts and the Constance De Cupis, a noblewoman who lived in the seventeenth century. His family owned several palaces in Piazza Navona, including the block between Via dei Lorraine, via S. Via Santa Maria Agnes and Soul. Constance was very beautiful. In particular, had some lovely and delicate hands, the result of envy among the women of the court. The jealousy was so strong that a seer predicted in Konstanz a terrifying fate: one of his wonderful hands was in danger of being amputated. Costanza, terrified by the tragic news, he shut himself in his palace, hoping not to run any danger. Instead, the adversity appeared, despite the caution of Constance, one day while embroidering pricked with a needle. The wound became infected and, as predicted, the visionary, the limb was the amputee.
But Constance could not survive for long, he died shortly after. Legend has it that on nights of full moon walker on a Soul, if the gaze upward, you might see behind the glass windows of a building that had De Cupis, the silhouette of a beautiful, white hand. A very famous story, especially in the 80's, the theater has to Via Nazionale. When we passed the tram still a boy he saved from the investment two elderly ladies who invited him to thank him home for coffee. The next day the boy went to inquire of her friends but the caretaker of the building informed him that the apartment is empty for some years and that the two old ladies who lived there had died a few years first hit by a tram.

On stormy nights who happened to be passing near Villa Pamphili can sometimes hear a loud noise of wheels and horses .. Pimpaccia is the Piazza Navona (Olimpia Maidalchini woman) coming out of his house on a golden chariot drawn by horses with eyes of flame and runs through the streets of the neighborhood, leaving behind sparks of fire.

of Giorgia Mancini

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