The Colosseum
"As long as the Colosseum, there will Rome when the Colosseum falls, Rome will also fall, but when Rome falls, the world will fall"

The subterranean Rome

Like the surface, even the Rome underground stretches for miles in a maze of alleys that seem to never end.
Go into the underground of Rome is the beginning of a journey to discover other beauties, monuments, walls painted .. In ancient times, because of the frequent flooding of the Tiber, invasions and looting .. Whole houses, gardens, churches sank underground and there would have been if someone had not bothered to make them visible, or almost everyone.
One example is the Domus Aurea, Nero's residence that the great emperor built up a vast territory and decorated with the most refined could find. It was lost until he returned to emerge thanks to the strange nocturnal activities they loved practicing the Renaissance artists who, aided by the darkness, descended into the mysterious caves that opened near the Colosseum to copy the frescoes.

Fully accessible is the archaeological area that blends with the circles of the crypt of St. Cecilia, travertine basilica dedicated to the martyr child protective of music. We welcome the entry a domus and insula in front of which it is impossible not to feel a mixture of amazement and bewilderment, the same feeling that seizes us during the descent into a basement full of treasures, and so before the Roman catacombs. In Rome there are about 60 catacombs, but the most beautiful are those dedicated to San Sebastiano and San Callisto Via Appia, Santa Priscilla on the Salaria, St. Agnes on Nomentana, Santa Domutilla (15 km of tunnels under the track via the Seven Churches. Walking through the maze fresh dug in the tuff of these cemeteries will see the places of persecution of Christians, you will find that it is not true that the catacombs were places of prayer and meeting as it is not true that these burials were the result of lawlessness of the Christian religion (the same practice is also found in other religions).

Today, the Rome underground is visitatissima by the Romans who want to learn more about their city from tourists who want to be able to tell that he saw in and out of Rome, by those who have fallen through the maze attracted by the fresh tuff but they go away bewildered and enchanted by the fact that a city like Rome can not spell the end.

of Giorgia Mancini

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