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The Pantheon and its legends

The Pantheon ("Temple of all the gods") is a building of ancient Rome, built as a temple dedicated to the gods of all religions . The Romans call it a friendly Rotonna ("La Rotonda"), named after the square.

Early seventh century, the Pantheon was converted into a Christian church, called Santa Maria ad Martyres, which enabled him to survive almost intact to the spoliation made to the buildings of ancient Rome by the popes. It is the only pagan temple survived the destruction of mankind and the fury of the elements (the waters of the Tiber invaded regularly until 1879): therefore, Boniface IV, ascended the papal throne in 608, he managed to get the assignment from the emperor Phocas of this beautiful monument that is well suited for processing into a Christian church.
The temple was dedicated to Santa Maria ad Martyres, with reference to a "collective entity" as opposed to the ancient Christian dedicated to all pagan gods of Rome. The very solemn ceremony of consecration: they were also buried under the "Confession" of the new sanctuary, many bones of martyrs, those who had escaped the catacombs could fill twenty-eight wagons. Then, to the tune of Glory, for the first time the Catholic clergy entering the Pantheon. And that's when the imagination of the Roman sees rise up and fly away terrified seven demons, seven as the pagan gods who inhabited the temple.

And, according to popular belief, the opening at the top of the dome did not exist initially, but would be due to a big devil, escaping from the roof, he blew a horn blows the golden cone that closed the hole.
The finding gold would fall on the square behind the monument, which is why he took the name of Piazza della Pigna. Medieval and evil, is also a legend about the origin of the ditch that runs around the Pantheon.

The Romans, from the memory the memory of the walk "Saepta Iulia, again pulling dance in the devil: Baialardo, very famous magician in Rome (of course a fictional character), obtained by Satan in exchange for the soul, the Book of the Command, the supreme evil and secret arts manual. Which, sorry for the infamous pact, use the magical arts learned from the book to fly in one day on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and return to Rome. But the Pantheon is waiting for Satan, who claim in respect of the soul. The magician, however, knowing the passion of the devils for nuts, offers him some food. The evil is distracted and you save Baialardo refuge inside the temple, where he prays sincerely repented. Then the devil, furious for having been cheated, he began to turn furiously around the temple, producing the gap with its hooves.

of Giorgia Mancini

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