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Via Margutta

Via Margutta is without doubt one of the most beautiful and characteristics streets of Rome; situated in the centre of Rome in Campo Marzio district on the slopes of Mount Pincio and known as the "street artists", Via Margutta is a place of art galleries and trendy restaurants.
Originally, it was only the back of the palaces of Via del Babuino, where posteggiavano carriages and carts and where were bonded warehouses and stables. On the slopes of the hill, small houses stallieri, bricklayers, marmisti, coachmen and in the lane activity of the workers had more space that gentilizi not in the courtyards of the palaces.

The etymology of the name is uncertain, because some claim stems from vulgar Marisgutia, namely drop Sea, due to a stream from Pincio down to the Tiber, but probably derives from a family Marguti, which is such a Marguti Louis, Margutte said, barber, exercise his work in the street around 1526.
We must all'ignoto artist established the first shop where were portraits and fountains, flourishing migration of artists (mostly foreigners, Flemish, German, English, but also Italians strangers), which replaced homes and gardens and barracks stables.
It was so ', a young monsignor of Belgian origin, Xavier de Merode, a faccendiere Vatican in sympathy to Pius IX, felt the air of change: accaparr? the territories of the slopes, smantell? gardens, impiant? sewers and arranged the plan regulator alley that became a road.

A Via Margutta is celebrated every year since 1953, the famous exhibition "One hundred painters to Via Margutta, "an interesting appointment for lovers of art that makes this road-air art gallery, presenting over 1,000 works including oil paintings, drawings and watercolors, including little-known artists, carefully selected from many countries, engaged in different types of expression as figuration, abstractionism, portrait, landscape, Symbolism, Surrealism, etc.. < BR> The entrance as well as free, is open to all

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