The Colosseum
"As long as the Colosseum, there will Rome when the Colosseum falls, Rome will also fall, but when Rome falls, the world will fall"

The History of Rome
The Legend of the Born of Rome According to legend, the god Mars falls in love Rhea Silvia and makes the mother of twins, Romulus and Remo . Amulius, brother Numitor, king of Alba Longa, angry he killed with sticks and Rhea Silvia, to have no legitimate competitor to the throne, I order 'that the twins were immediately killed, but the servant responsible for carrying out the assassination does not find the courage and left them in a wicker basket to the current of the river Tiber, with the hope that someone will save them.
The basket in which the twins were lying runs aground on the shore, near the swamp of Velabrum between the Palatine and the Capitol, where the two are found and raised by a wolf.
  Then the pastor Faustolo with his wife finds and growing them as his children. Once they become adults and known their origin Romulus and Remus are returning to Alba Longa, killed Amulius, and remit the throne grandfather Numitor. Romulus and Remus then get permission to go to found a new city, the place where they grew up. Romulus wants to call Rome and build it on the Palatine, while Remo wants baptize Remora and base it on the Aventine.

Legend has it that the two decided to observe the flight of birds: gave the name to the city 'whom he had seen in greater numbers. Luck favors' Romulus, who took a plow and, on the Palatine Hill, I draw 'a furrow to mark the boundary of the city', that he was called Rome.
Was the day April 21, 753 A.C.. .

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
The Seven King of Rome

753 a.C. - 716 a.C. Romolo
715 a.C. - 672 a.C. Numa Pompilio
672 a.C. - 640 a.C. Tullo Ostilio
640 a.C. - 616 a.C. Anco Marzio
616 a.C. - 579 a.C. Tarquinio Prisco
578 a.C. - 535 a.C. Servio Tullio
534 a.C. - 509 a.C. Tarquinio il Superbo

The Great People of the Ancient Rome

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