The Colosseum
"As long as the Colosseum, there will Rome when the Colosseum falls, Rome will also fall, but when Rome falls, the world will fall"

The legend of the birth of Rome

In the early years of the first millennium BC landed on the banks of the Tiber the Trojans led by Aeneas. He, while Troy crollava under furious assault of the Greeks had managed to rescue his father, Anchises ( who then died along the journey '), and his son Ascanio.
At that time the left bank of the River Tiber was a plain acquitrinosa and malarial that leads to the Tyrrhenian Sea, within which innalzavano of packages with very steep slopes where they were initially established the Italici then had differentiated between them to form different groups, including that of the Latins.
The Trojans were now in contact with these people and their king, the wise Latino that received them with kindness, gave their hospitality 'and, after some time offer' Aeneas to marry his daughter Lavinia gia 'promise to Turno, King of Rutuli that unleashed' a war to avenge the offense received. It was a ferocious war, which ended with a long duel between Enea and Round, until 'the latter was killed. Follow 'a long period of peace during which Aeneas fund' a city ', in honour of Lavinium bride.
Ascanio, the son of Aeneas, fund 'to turn the city' of Albalonga (placed between the current Albano and Castelgandolfo) reign on which he and then his descendants for a long time. Then, many years after his death, became king of Albalonga good Numitore, pero ', had a brother ( Amulio) envious and bad that he wanted usurpargli the throne.
To achieve its purpose, they did Numitore imprisoned, killed all the children except Rea Silvia rinchiudendola in the Temple of Vesta and costringendola to be priestess (vestale).

According to legend, the god Mars s'invaghisce of Rea Silvia and makes mother of two twins, Romulus and Remo . Amulio, angered made to kill Rea Silvia beaten and, for not having legitimate competitors to the throne, I order 'that the two twins were immediately killed, but the servant responsible for carrying out the assassination did not find the courage and abandons them in a wicker basket in the current of the river Tiber, with the hope that someone salvasse them.
The basket in which the twins were adagiati strands on the shore at the swamp of Velabro between Palatine and the Capitol, where the two are found and raised by a wolf. Li is also the pastor Faustolo that together with his wife grows them as his children. Once you become adults and known its origin Romulus returning to Alba Longa, Amulio kill, and call on Numitore the throne grandfather. Romulus then obtained permission to go to found a new city ', the place where they are grown. Romulus wants to call it Roma and build on the Palatine, while Remo wants to baptize the Remora and fondarla sull'Aventino.

Legend has it that the two decided to observe the flight of birds: the name would have given the city 'who had seen in more. Luck favors' Romulus, who took a plow and, on the Palatine Hill, traccio 'a furrow to mark the wall City ', which he said was Rome.
It was the day 21 April, 753 years before Christ.


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