The Colosseum

The Colosseum, called by the ancient Romans "Anphitheatrum Flavlum", was built by the Emperor Vespasian in 72 AD about, and inaugurated by his son Titus in 80 AD
The construction took place in the area occupied by the enormous palace of Nero's Domus Aurea, and nearby there was a colossal statue of Nero, from which legend has it that the name derives Coliseum. After the killing of This statue was remodeled to represent the sun god.

From an architectural standpoint, the Colosseum & egrave; ellipse of 188 to 156 meters, with 527 meters in circumference, and almost 50 meters high. Externally
from one stylobate of two steps there are four floors, including three with arches framed by half-columns of different orders (from the bottom) Tuscan, Ionic and Corinthian while the fourth floor & egrave; consists of a kind of penthouse divided by Corinthian pilasters. On top, the structure was completed by a cornice with three bands and a cornice with a grandiose drip.

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